Building roads & bridges of the highest quality in an environment where we feel challenged, secure, and rewarded.

At Bryant Structures, Inc. our distinguishing strengths are the quality of our construction work and the quality of the people who commit themselves to the company’s success. We achieve these high standards by attracting and training the most talented people in the road and bridge building industry.

Our employees are a team of highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to building nothing less than the best. We are committed to providing a workplace where they feel challenged, secure, and rewarded.

These shared goals are the foundation of the company’s reputation and they are the vision that will make us prosper.

W. Barry Bryant<br>
W. Barry Bryant

What We Do



We specialize in the construction of numerous types of bridges for pedestrian and vehicular uses. We typically self-perform foundation construction, substructure installation, and superstructure placement.


2016 12 07 Exisiting Pier Demolition

We perform all phases of heavy construction including demolition, pile driving, sheeting, shoring, and reinforced concrete construction like box culverts and retaining walls.


Road Construction Services

We self-perform excavation, backfill, and grading operations both in conjunction with and independent of our bridge projects.  Past and common work includes roadway grading and subbase construction, riprap placement, stream channel construction/diversions, and water quality swales.